Bhutan Tours

We are specialized for festivals tour arrangements to Bhutan. Festival tour is the best combination of culture and tradition. The festivals are an important part of Bhutanese peoples from the long ago. The Tshechu one of the largest tourist attraction is the most famous and well-known Bhutanese festival. These festivals are celebrated in the courtyards of the Dzongs (fortresses) in all the Dzongkhags (districts) with traditional dances blessing by Lamas and Mewangs by fire believing that it washes away their sins. The Tshechu is held in honor of Guru Rinpoche, who brought Mahayana Buddhism to Bhutan in the eighth century. Bhutanese legend has a religious significance to people and says that on the tenth calendar day the great Guru Rinpoche transformed himself into different forms to subdue demons. People dress traditionally in their finest clothing and jewelry. The festival is religious implication and community gathering where Bhutanese come to socialize and feast on native delicacies.

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