Kanchenjunga Base Camp & Celele Pass

Kanchenjunga national park is a pristine mountain park, named after its massive snow treasure Mount Kanchenjunga. Mount Kanchenjunga is third highest mountain in the world scaling 8,586m. The park is still enjoying on its wilderness, untouched by the change of time. The trek will go through diverse land topography, forests and villages. Local Culture there Limbu,Sherpa and Tibet Culture. And there two base Camp North and South Naturally beautiful.


Day 1. Arrival in kathmandu -1350m.

Day 2. Preparation in Kathmandu for the trekking .

Day 3.fly Kathmandu to Bhadrapur  and drive Ilam Baazar overnight lodge.

Day 4. Ilam to Taplejunga (1820m)

Day 5. Taplejunga to Mitlung (1920m)

Day 6. Mitlung to Chiruwa (1270m-6 hrs.

Day 7.  Chiruwa shekhadum (1885m)-6 hrs.

Day 8. Sekathum to Amjilasa (3410m)-6 hrs

Day 9.  Amjilasa to Gyapla-2730m 5 hrs.

Day 10. Gyapla to Ghunsa-3415m-7 hrs.

Day 11. Acclimatization and rest day in the Ghunsa

Day 12. hunsa to Khambachen-4145m 6 hrs.

Day 13. .Khambachhen to Lhonak-4790m -5hrs.

Day 14. .Lhonak to Kancchenjunga base camp-5150m and back to Lhonak-7hrs.

Day 15. .Lhonak.to  Khambachhen

Day 16. Khambachhen to Ghunsa-5 hrs 

Day 17. Ghunsa to Selele 5 hrs (4290m)

Day 18.  Selele to cheram 6 hrs (3878m)

Day 19. Cheram to Ramche 5 hrs (4580) .

Day 20. Ramche Hikking day

Day 21. Ramche to Tortong 6 hrs (3995)

Day 22. Tortong to yamphudin 6 hrs (2880m)

Day 23.  Yamphudin to Mamankhe 6 hrs (1785m)

Day 24.  Mamankhe to khade bhanjyang 7 hrs (2129m)

Day 25.  Khade Bhanjyang to lali kharka 6  hrs(2280m)

Day 26.  Lali kharka to Taplejung 5 hrs (1820m)

Day 27.  Taplejung to Drive Britamode 7 hrs

Day 28.  Britamode to Fly Kathmandu.

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